Estate planning with a person's digital life in mind

Life is unpredictable, and for this reason, it can be quite difficult for a person to think about what types of protections he or she may need in the future. Estate planning can be complex and confusing, and as a result, a person may overlook certain important factors. One thing that a reader will want to consider when making plans for the future is his or her digital life.

Small business counsel for female-led startups

When a Tennessee female entrepreneur embarks on the process of starting a business, it is possible she could face challenges that a male business owner may not face. Women are capable and smart, yet they may feel like they have to fight harder and prove themselves on a higher level in order to succeed. One of the most prudent things they can do during the startup process is to seek experienced small business counsel.

Is your business ready to transition to the next generation?

Whether the opening of your family business was generations ago or only a few years in the past, the thought has certainly crossed your mind that one day you will have to pass the reins to someone else. If the time comes at your retirement, sudden illness or unexpected death, will your successors be ready to step up and keep your Tennessee business running successfully?

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