There are many reasons why a Tennessee resident may avoid thinking and planning for the future. Perhaps he or she does not think it is necessary due to his or her age, or perhaps there is an assumption that a person should be wealthy in order to need an estate plan. In reality, every adult can benefit from estate planning. This process can also prevent many potential problems and complications when it comes time to settle the estate.

Without a will, state laws will have the final say in what happens to a person's property. This can result in an outcome that is vastly different from what a person would have wanted. Even with just a basic will, a person can have more control over what happens to his or her estate, money and assets. Without a will, loved ones may be left fighting over what they think is best, which can be costly and stressful.

One man died without a will, even though he wanted to leave everything to his current wife. Because his ex-wife's name was still on the home and he had not updated it or made new plans after his divorce, the house and his money went to the ex-wife. This left his current spouse with little option but to move in with family members.

Estate planning sounds like a daunting prospect, but it doesn't have to be. With guidance, a person can make smart and logical choices for the future. This can give anyone in Tennessee confidence in the future -- regardless of income, health or age. 

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